The Ultimate Ford Bronco Wheel Fitment Guide

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Ford Bronco Wheels

Similarly to the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford Bronco has been dominant in the off-roading world for years. However, Ford completely stopped production in the mid-nineties for one reason or another. To the relief of every off-road enthusiast ever, the sixth-generation Bronco made a comeback in 2021. It shouldn’t come as a shock that the 6G Bronco is a trail-ready rig out of the box. Then again, what are the chances a truck like this stays stock? One of the most popular modifications owners do is a wheel and tire upgrade. That’s where Wheel Suppliers comes in. In this fitment guide you will find all the information you need to fully understand the proper aftermarket off road wheel measurements and fitments for your Ford Bronco.

OEM Ford Bronco Wheel Fitments

Before we get into aftermarket fitments, let’s first take a look at the factory wheel setups. If you’re totally new to diameter, width, offset and backspacing, we highly recommend you read our bolt pattern and general wheel fitment resources first.

Trim Wheel Size Wheel Offset Bolt Pattern
Base 16x7 +55 6x139.7
Big Bend 17x7.5 +55 6x139.7
Outer Banks 18x7.5 +55 6x139.7
Black Diamond 17x7.5 +55 6x139.7
Badlands 17x8 +55 6x139.7
Sasquatch / Wildtrak / Everglades / 1st Edition / Heritage 17x8.5 +30 6x139.7

Please keep in mind that the Ford Bronco has a wide variety of trims available. The information above is accurate and gives you a good idea of what to expect. If you’re not sure what size wheels come on your truck, check out this great free resource for a more in-depth look.

Are Ford Bronco Wheels Interchangeable Between Trims?

YES! Every available trim of the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco shares a 6×139.7 PCD and will allow for OEM wheels to be interchanged. Well, almost all of them. The only trim that can not share wheels from the others is the Ford Bronco Raptor; which has a 6×135 PCD.

Ford Bronco Wheels: Offsets

In short, wheel offset simply determines the distance between the mounted wheel and the suspension components tucked inside. Choosing your desired offset boils down to a few different things. The first and most important thing to consider before mounting wheels is clearance. What does this mean exactly? Whenever you mount an aftermarket wheel, you want to make sure that the wheel in the neutral position, as well as full lock to both the left and right are not rubbing against any fenders, fender liners, or suspension components (i.e: shocks and struts).

So how do we know how much clearance we need? This is when the number of your offset matters. There is a positive offset and negative offset. Simply put, positive offset is when the wheel is sitting deeper within the fender well, but pushing the face of the wheel out towards the street side. Having a higher offset typically means the wheel is flatter and provides less of a concave or dish effect.

Inversely, there is negative offset. Negative offset allows the wheel to sit more aggressively. A negative offset will allow the wheel to sit closer to the hub and give your wheel room for a deep dish or concave style wheel.

On the subject of Bronco wheels, the “ideal” offset heavily depends on the diameter and the width of the wheel you mount on the truck. For a more traditional trail rig setup, +0mm to -12mm offset is the sweet spot. Bigger and wider wheels get a little more complex, as there’s a plethora of offsets to choose from ranging from -25mm all the way to -76mm.

To learn more about offsets and backspacing, visit our in depth guide here.

Ford Bronco Wheels: Fitments

Lucky for Bronco owners, most reputable manufactures have done all the hard work and provide Bronco wheels with perfect fitments out of the box. However, knowing the few options available to you will put you ahead of the game and allow you to rest easy knowing your new wheels will fit perfectly.

Bronco Fitments: Stock Suspension

Ideally, the best fitment for the Bronco is when the wheel is sitting flush or slightly outside the fender flare. By popular demand, most manufactures create wheels to match this look. All the information listed in the table below is the exact specifications you will need to achieve this look.

Take note that any sizes beyond those listed below will need special modification. Modifications to fit a larger diameter wheel or tire will require a chassis lift as well as removal of fender liner.

*It’s important to note that suspension lift/height vary trim to trim, so make sure to verify fitment before purchasing a set of wheels and tires.

*Additionally, the Sasquatch Package comes with wider fender arches.

*Another thing to take note of is that the Bronco may require modification of the crashbar for some wheel and tire fitments to work.

Black Ford Bronco Badlands on matte bronze Hardrock Offroad H105 wheels
Wheel Size Wheel Offset Tire Size
17x8.5 +30 to +0 33" to 37"
17x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
18x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
20x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
20x10 +18 to -18 33" to 37"
Black Ford Bronco on Black Rhino Guide wheels
17x9 -12 Black Rhino Guide

KMC KM524 Impact
17×9 -12

Black Rhino Warthog
17×8.5 +0

Rotiform R191 STL
18×9 +18

Fuel Off Road D733 Warp
20×9 +1

Bronco Fitments: Leveling Kits

A leveling kit will lift the Bronco just enough to allow for a larger wheel and tire diameter. As you may have noticed, the offsets tend to stay within the same range as the non-lifted setups above. On the same note, a leveling kit should add enough room to comfortably fit a 37″ tire.

You may notice that the suggested offsets have a wide gap. This is because the outcome of the setup is personal preference. Some people prefer a flush or OEM look, while other prefer a much more aggressive look with tire poke.

Wheel Size Wheel Offset Tire Size
17x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
18x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
20x9 +40 to -12 33" to 37"
20x10 +18 to -18 33" to 37"
Matte gray Ford Bronco on 4Play 4P08 wheels
20x10 4Play 4P08

4Play 4P60
20×10 -18

Falcon Offroad T9
17×9 -15

Fuel Off Road D699 Kicker
18×9 +1

XD XD860 Onslaught
20×9 +0

Bronco Fitments: Lift Kits 2.5" & Up

When we start discussing lift kits above the standard road use range, we begin diving in the world of specialty fitments. Enthusiasts who run lifts this large tend to add a number of modifications to satisfy rock crawling clearance and performance. Lifts like this typically include special gearing, skid plates, and beadlock wheels.

Alternatively, due to the recent popularity of show builds, some owners stray away from the performance aspect of suspension lifts and use them strictly for aesthetic purposes. For example, a truck with an 8″ lift can stuff a massive 26×14 wheel and 40″ tires. Here is when you may see a slight variation in sizes and offsets offered. However keep in mind these style of fitments are extremely uncommon on this platform.

Wheel Size Wheel Offset
24x12 -44 / -47 / -50
24x14 -76 / -81
26x12 -44
26x14 -76 / -81

Hardrock Offroad H503
24×12 -44

American Truxx Spiral
24×14 -76

Fuel Off-Road D760 Clash
24×12 -44

Moto Metal MO801 Phantom
24×12 -44

Cast vs. Flow Formed vs. Beadlock

Similar to deciding which size wheel you want to run, another consideration you will face is the type of wheel you’ll need. Depending on what the purpose of your 6G Bronco is, there are typically three standard options:

Cast: Cast wheels are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a mold. Cast wheels are by far the most popular choice of wheels among enthusiasts as they are cost effective, reliable, and readily available.

Flow Formed: Similar to cast wheels, Flow Formed wheels start their life out in a similar mold stage. Flow Formed wheels are simply a cast face wheel which has been heated and spun at high rates of speed to be stretched and compressed. Because of this process, Flow Formed wheels are stronger and lighter than cast.

Beadlock: These are for true rock crawlers and off road vehicles. Beadlock wheels lock the tires to the wheel. The purpose a beadlock wheel originally was to prevent wheels from dismounting when placed under massive amounts of torque load and lower-than-normal tire pressures. Beadlock off road wheels typically come in a Flow Formed or full Forged configuration.


As Bronco owners, you will find yourself in a rabbit hole of research trying to figure out what the next best move is for your rig. Lucky for you, we made one thing a hell of a lot easier for you! The information in this guide is intended to make your search for aftermarket off-road wheels a much more enjoyable experience.

We’d like to also mention that this guide is a reference point, and not the end-all-be-all. The wheels you buy will depend on the goal of the car. An off-road setup differs greatly from an enthusiast road car and show car build. The general rule of thumb is as follows: Off-road build, go for 17×9. Enthusiast and show car builds, the options are endless.

If you still need help finding a set of Ford Bronco off-road wheels, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our team of experts would be more than happy to help get you set up properly.